Western Pacific
Regional Area Councilor: Manami Inouei

IEA-WP also maintains its own website, with more detailed information on Western Pacific events and activities.
For password information please email the regional councilor at ieawp_sec@jeaweb.jp

Regional News

 Congratulations to IEA's 2021-24 Councilors (1/18/2021) 

IEA Council Election Results, 2021-24

Of 1592 eligible IEA members, about half (764) voted during December 15-30, 2020. Every election was independently certified as having no evidence of fraud. Regional councilors were elected by IEA members in good standing who reside in the specific region. The new Executive and Council members will assume their offices at the World Congress of Epidemiology, currently scheduled to take place in September 2021. Their terms will last until the next World Congress of Epidemiology, currently scheduled for September 2024.

Newly Elected IEA Council Members for the next IEA period of office are:

Officers of the Executive Committee

President: Chandra Mani Pandey

President-Elect: Akindele Adebiyi

Past President: Henrique Barros

Secretary: Karina Braga Ribeiro

Treasurer: Yosikazu Nakamura

Regional representatives

Africa Region: Armanda Nkwescheu

European Region: Linda O’Keeffe

Latin America & Caribbean Region: Pedro Hallal

Middle East/North Africa Region: Mary Deeb

North America Region: Jennifer Salerno

Southeast Asia Region: Umesh Kapil

Western Pacific Region: Chihaya Koriyama

Congratulations to all our new Council Members, and thank you for your service to the IEA.

 In Memoriam - Adetokunbo Lucas (12/30/2020) 

In Memoriam - Adetokunbo Oluwole Lucas

The Council of The International Epidemiology Association (IEA) deeply mourns the passing of Professor Adetokunbo Oluwole Lucas OFR MD DSc FRCPH FFPH FRCOG FUI (1931–2020), a globally acknowledged public health leader and foremost epidemiologist. He was until his death on the 25th of December 2020, a retired Professor of Preventive and Social Medicine, University of Ibadan and Professor of International Health, Harvard University.
Prof. Ade Lucas made significant contributions to the field of epidemiology and public health, especially with regards to the epidemiology and control of Schistosomiasis, Onchocerciasis and Malaria. He hosted the first regional conference of the IEA in Ibadan, Nigeria in 1970 and went on to be the President of IEA from 1971 to 1974. He later directed the Tropical Diseases Research (TDR) Programme of the World Health Organization between 1976 and 1986. It was in recognition of his contribution towards the development of the TDR into a globally acclaimed program of research in tropical diseases that he was jointly awarded the prestigious Prince Mahidol prize, given annually for achievements in medicine and public health.
Prof. Ade Lucas would be remembered for his efforts at improving the quality of life of the most underprivileged in society and eliminating inequity.

 Western Pacific Region Update (9/25/2020) 

(Fall 2020) We were going to hold the IEA-WP regional joint symposium in collaboration with JEA (Japan Epidemiological Association) in February 2020, at the time of the 30th annual JEA Scientific Meeting in Kyoto, entitled “What is expected as the regional collaborative activities of IEA-WP region”. We have postponed the symposium because of the COVID-19 epidemic in this region. Fortunately, the next JEA scientific meeting in 2021 (JEA 2021) will be held on Jan 27th to 29th, 2021 as a web-based online meeting. Therefore, we have decided to hold the postponed IEA- WP Regional Group Joint Symposium on JEA 2021. The symposium invited speakers from 5 regional epidemiological associations, Australasian Epidemiological Association, Chinese Epidemiological Association, Japan Epidemiological Association, Korean Society of Epidemiology and Taiwan Epidemiology Association, as well as Young/Early-Career Epidemiologist Network, and received kind acceptance letter from all speakers.  


JEA-IEAWP Travel Award for WCE2021

International Epidemiological Association (IEA) Western Pacific (WP) region invited applications for the JEA-IEAWP Travel Award in collaboration with JEA. An award of 1,600 USD, plus a registration fee waiver, will be made to up to 5 participants which is intended to offset expenses related to World Congress of Epidemiology 2020 (now WCE2021) attendance and travel. Due to the COVID-19 crisis affecting populations worldwide, WCE2020 has been postponed to 2021. Accordingly, we postponed the selection of awardee in accordance with the updated timeline.

 Statement on COVID 19 (3/25/2020) 

 JEA-IEAWP Travel Awards for the World Congress on Epidemiology 2020 (12/3/2019) 

The Japan Epidemiological Association (JEA) and the International Epidemiological Association (IEA) Western Pacific (WP) region invite applications for the JEA-IEAWP Travel Award. Participants from the Western Pacific region who have an accepted abstract for oral presentation at the World Congress of Epidemiology (WCE) 2020 are eligible for this award. This award is intended to defray the cost of attending the meeting to support early career epidemiologists in the presentation of their high-quality research and their professional development.

An award of ISD $2,000 USD  will be made to up to 4 participants, and an award of $1,600 plus a registration waiver will be made to 5 participations. The grants are intended to offset expenses related to WCE 2020 attendance and travel. More details will be available on the WCE2020 website soon.