Early Career Epidemiologists/Students

Membership Information

Membership in IEA as an Early Career Epidemiologist/Student is based on a term of three years and dues are as follows: USD $5 for applicants from low income countries; USD $10 for joint applications (those who already have membership in a  local/national epidemiological organization), and: USD $20 for a direct application to IEA. Click on the 'Join' button on the right side of the page to become part of this group.

Regional and Council Representatives

In Spring 2021, regional Early Career Epidemiologist representatives and a Council representative were elected to manage the interests of IEA's Early Career Epidemiologists.  As with other IEA leadership positions in the Association, terms of service will begin with the World Congress of Epidemiology (delayed by COVID-19 to 2021) and last through the following World Congress of Epidemiology in Goa, India during 2024. A formal plan of work for the group is expected to be announced in early 2022.

The elected ECE representatives are*:

*There were no candidates from the Latin America and Caribbean Region for the 2021 elections.



Learn more about the history of IEA's Early Career Epidemiologists group here .